De Boer with Orange in Gibraltar: ‘I expected worse, is in our advantage’

Frank de Boer doesn‘t expect it to be ‘just a zero or ten ‘for the Dutch team against Gibraltar. The federal coach is hoping for a record night.
The biggest victory in Orange history dates back to 2011: San Marino got 11-0 knock in Eindhoven. โ€œWhen I’
m satisfied? Depends on it. If we win by 0-5 and don‘t do it right, then we won’t. But I don‘t expect it to be a zero or ten. If so, it’s very nice,โ€ says De Boer in front of the camera of DeccEit.
On Saturday against Latvia, despite numerous chances, the counter remained on two goals. โ€œWe have pushed Latvia all the way back and got opportunities. Hopefully we get as many opportunities as possible, then we have to make at least three, four or five more,โ€ says De Boer.
The circumstances in Gibraltar are easy for him. โ€œOn the one hand, it does have its charm. You prefer to play in a full stadium and not on artificial grass, although I have to say that the field is very easy for me. I expected it worse. In addition, it is a very wide field. About 70 meters, I think it‘s almost the maximum allowed. So that’s to our advantage.โ€