De Bruyne seems surprised: ‘Not sure why they talk less about him in the Netherland’

In the Netherlands, it‘s relatively little about Nathan Aké and Manchester City star player Kevin De Bruyne doesn’t seem to fully understand that. The Belgian is impressed by the Dutch defender.
At the moment, there is a good chance that Aké will be in the base of the Orange at the World Cup. Ziggo Sport would like to know from De Bruyne how he looks at his colleague at Manchester City. “He is very important to me,” De Bruyne begins. “Of course, I‘m really good with Nathan. In the first year, he had to adapt a bit to the way of playing, which is what many players experience. Last year, he played a lot of games and was very important in various positions.”
“This year, he played a top preparation. Of course, he was injured and now he’
s just playing at a very high level”, continues a laudatory De Bruyne. “Of course, I don‘t know why there is less talk about him in the Netherlands. But if you play at City and you’ve been a regular player in the Premier League for years, you have a lot of qualities. He just shows that too.”
Even during this international period, Aké was called up again by Louis van Gaal. The left leg seems to focus on the position of left-wing central defender in the three-man defense of the Orange.

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