De Haan: ‘We are counting on the match to continue. ‘

Excelsior director Ferry de Haan is counting on the cup match against Vitesse to continue, despite the snowfall and frost. NEC – VVV-Venlo has already been cancelled for that reason. According to De Haan, it all looks‘ positive ‘.

Due to winter weather conditions, the trip to stadiums is especially difficult. โ€œFor the time being, this competition is still going onโ€, says De Haan to the Algemeen Dagblad. โ€œWe must produce a clean field. If it‘s up to us, that’s what happens. The only thing that can happen is that the KNVB conjures something else out of the top hat.โ€
The KNVB states that there is a green (art) turf. โ€œThe difference with the competitions that have been canceled in the last few days is the accessibility. Sunday the code was red and it was a hell of a job for those clubs to get to the destination. Now fewer problems are expected,โ€ says De Haan.
Excelsior and Vitesse meet Tuesday night at 8:00.