De Jong about Barcelona: ‘Club sometimes had their own ideas about it’

Frenkie de Jong had a busy transfer summer, but he ended up staying with FC Barcelona. The club wanted to get rid of him and although De Jong doesn‘t say it in so many words, it’s clear that player and club were not on the same page.
โ€œIt‘s a lot quieter than during the transfer period, but it was clear to me what I wanted,โ€ says De Jong about his summer. โ€œThat’s why I stayed calm about it. There was a lot of noise, a lot happened. It was different from other transfer periods, but I stayed calm about it. I wanted to stay with Barcelona and my opinion has not changed. I can‘t go into full details, but the club sometimes has their own ideas about it. Sometimes that clashes, but in principle it worked out fine.โ€
After a turbulent transfer period, De Jong started a lot on the bench near Barcelona, but he is now getting more playing time again. The midfielder also states that he finds the concept of competition rhythm rather varied. โ€œThe concept of ‘
competition rhythm‘ is different for everyone, but I think it’s good for everyone to get into a rhythm. That‘s better when you’re not playing. It is mainly in the physical part. It‘s not that you suddenly can’t play football if you don‘t have a match rhythm.โ€
De Jong also confirms the national coach’
s idea about the sense of group within the Orange selection. โ€œThe atmosphere within the team is generally very good. Everyone gets along well, no matter what table you sit at. In the field, we try to help each other. The sense of group is really good.โ€