De Jong again versus Gudde in Studio Football: “No, this will Henk not arrange”

SC Cambuur trainer Henk de Jong and KNVB-director Eric Gudde face each other on Sunday evening during Studio Voetbal: Gudde as a table guest and De Jong via a video link live in the broadcast. The Cambuur trainer gave rise this week by saying that Gudde should not reach out to the championship scale in Leeuwarden.
The Kuit Champion Division-leader has been officially promoted and could also seize the title against competitor De Graafschap. Saillant enough, both clubs missed promotion last season, after a vote with the KNVB and the other clubs. De Jong therefore did not think it wise for Gudde to report himself in Leeuwarden, he told us this week. It may be that you become champion against De Graafschap. Then there‘s an audience in the stadium, then there’s an audience outside the stadium, he explains in Studio Football. That would be a very uncomfortable situation, perhaps very embarrassing. For all things are called and scolded.
De Jong fears that he will not be able to stop the fans. I know my own supporters, they are not easy. Fortunately Eric has been director of Feyenoord, because this is small Feyenoord: then some strange things will be called, he continues. Gudde told us earlier this week that he thought it was strange that De Jong was acting as‘ spokesman ‘for the club. I have excellent contact with Ard de Graaf (director of Cambuur, red.), who handled it very professionally every time. What do you want to achieve with this? Because we also have our responsibilities, he responds.
No, Henk will not regulate this Gudde is not going to avoid Leeuwarden and has also had personal contact with De Jong. Also today (Sunday, red.). You told your team, Stripe underneath, we‘re gonna start all over again. That might have been a remark that would have seemed a little more pleasant. I agreed with Ard de Graaf: we will see how the next few weeks will run, says the KNVB director, who, however, makes a comment. I do think that they should be able to guarantee safety in a certain way. And of that, Ard de Graaf says: that’s quite tricky.
However, De Jong sticks to his point of view. Is Henk gonna take care of that? No, Henk‘s not gonna handle this. I have experienced it before with Dwight Lodeweges (after it became known that he left for regional rival sc Heerenveen, angry Cambuur fans stormed the stadium, red.), we should not look things up. You can’t stop that, we all know that, he says. I‘m not looking at it at all, I’m just telling the truth. We have a great relationship with the supporters and it should remain that way. And you know what it is? It‘s our party, and it can’t be messed up. I don‘t want that for Eric, and I don’t want it for us.