De Jong draws comparison with Van Nistelrooij: I dont want to say death

Luuk de Jong acknowledges that PSV did not go full against FC Emmen (4-1). The people of Eindhoven will play the important return against AS Monaco in the preliminary round of the Champions League this Tuesday, although, according to the striker, that should not be an excuse for the carelessness.
In conversation with ESPN reporter Hans Kraay junior, De Jong agrees that PSV was sloppy at times. He blames that on the diptych against Monaco. โ€œYou abandoned it at the end, but also in the beginning,โ€ responds the center striker. โ€œWe picked it up well after 1-0. We were searching in the beginning. Yes, we need to be purer.โ€
Where Ibrahim Sangarรฉ, Guus Til, Joey Veerman and Cody Gakpo, among others, got a rest, De Jong was within the lines two minutes after the full game. โ€œI feel good, feel like playing for ninety minutes and getting into a rhythm. I have done less of that in recent years,โ€ he emphasizes. โ€œIf I notice that I do need rest and the trainer finds a moment for that, we are talking about that.โ€
De Jong did not score against Emmen. Ruud van Nistelrooij informed ESPN that he was โ€œsick to deathโ€ as a player when he did not score. โ€œI don‘t want to say sick to death, but as a striker you want to score goals,โ€ De Jong is honest. โ€œToday I did give another assist, but you want to score goals. I don’t care about it, they come naturally.โ€