De Jong enjoys Cambuur debutant: ‘Should train with, but had to go to school’

Henk de Jong is pleased that his SC Cambuur has recovered well after the heavy 9-0 defeat to Ajax with a 2-1 victory over ‘good team’ Heracles Almelo. Still there was room for criticism: Mees Hoedemakers got ‘on his fagger’ in peace.
De Jong is visibly relieved and happy with the reaction of his players after the heavy loss party against Ajax. โ€œSometimes it‘s against football for a while. You’ll lose one time from a world teamโ€, says De Jong in front of ESPN‘s camera last week Saturday. โ€œAnd just won again four days later. It was quite easy in terms of tension.โ€
Against Heracles, Cambuur got ahead halfway through the first half due to a fine goal by Michael Breij. Just after half time, Hoedemakers was surefire with a good slider, although the midfielder had to be motivated for a while. โ€œI did give him on his fag in peace. I thought he should be even tighter on it,โ€ continues De Jong. โ€œBut he also needs to be helped by Maulun and Jacobs. That midfield is so important.โ€
It was a great night for Cambuur defender Jhondly van der Meer. โ€œNineteen years old, boy from the O21. He’
s developing greatโ€, says De Jong. โ€œLast year he was always allowed to train with him, but he had to go to school from his father. That‘s when I told his father, that’s right.โ€