De Jong (KNVB) happy with statement internationals: ‘Qatar now precursor in the region’

KNVB Director Gijs de Jong is pleased with the steps Qatar has taken in the field of human rights. In spring, a storm of protest erupted worldwide, after it became known that 6500 migrant workers died during the construction of the World Cup stadiums: the players of Orange made a statement by wearing shirts with the text ‘Football Supports Change’.
De Jong has the idea that this action has paid off. โ€œWith this expression, the internationals indicated that the situation needs to change. ‘Football Supports Change’ is now a wider plan that has entered a new phase, namely the phase of administrative diplomacy and conversations with agencies in Qatar, among others,โ€ he is quoted by De Cceit. The KNVB has already visited Qatar. โ€œDuring our visit to Qatar last week, we were able to see progress on things that have often been going on for a long time in the country and the rest of the region. This progress is reflected in the reforms that have been accelerated recently.โ€
According to De Jong, these reforms consist of better working conditions for workers. โ€œFor example, the past Kafala system has been abolished, a minimum wage has been introduced for the first time and no longer work during the hottest hours of the day. With this Qatar is now a forerunner in the regionโ€, Algemeen Dagblad notes out of its mouth. โ€œBut there‘s a lot of work to do even after the World Cup.โ€
De Jong thanks the Orange Internationals for their efforts. โ€œThanks to the players, this topic is now at the top of all international agendas. We thank them for that.โ€ Now the international football drivers are on the move. โ€œThe players are not responsible for the award of the World Cup to Qatar, which were national and international unions. That’
s why the next steps are primarily for the boards of this.โ€