De Jong (PSV): “I can never fully satisfy a trainer”

Technical director John de Jong says Mario Götzes extension is separate from a possible extension of trainer Roger Schmidt. The two know each other well. Götze even came to PSV through Schmidt.
Götze extended his contract for two seasons this week. But that has nothing to do with whether or not to stay on Schmidt. The extension is in itself, so that has nothing to do with the trainer. That
s between the club and Mario. He did get through the trainer here, but he feels very nice in Eindhoven and at the club. His extension is not linked to the trainers stay on, says De Jong to ESPN.
But of course it helps for his feeling, the TD adds right away. A player always has a feeling with a trainer and that feeling is good. Mario
s feeling with the club is good. Im glad he decided to stay.
Schmidt regularly stated that he wanted to add another striker to the PSV selection. There must always be something to be desired. I can never fully satisfy a trainer. He always wants more and better, so he can set up a better team. He always has to push that with a technical director. Together you have to come to a good group. I think it worked out, yes, says De Jong.