De Jong stunned: ‘Nijhuis VAR?! ‘

Henk de Jong has no good word left for referee Sander van der Eijk, who gave RKC Waalwijk a penalty after Jamie Jacobs got the ball to the arm. The SC Cambuur coach denounces that decision, but falls back steeply as soon as he hears that Bas Nijhuis was the VAR.
โ€œIt was a special evening. It‘s a shame, because once again we’re doing ourselves a lot shortโ€, De Jong starts at ESPN. โ€œWe‘re off to a pretty good start, but then that red card is just right. You can see that immediatelyโ€, he refers to Mees Hoedemakers, who continued on Julen Lobete’s leg with a straight leg. The coach immediately made a change and saw that the Leeuwarders were โ€œwell doneโ€ and even took the lead through Jamie Jacobs.
RKC came by side after more than half an hour. โ€œYes, guys… Then you will say ‘Calimero behavior’ again, but you don‘t think Bas Nijhuis will come to the side on Sunday for the moment we get a penalty against? Or Danny Makkelie? They say: get out of here, VAR. Now that man (Van der Eijk, ed.) had to go to the side. That ball came from a very short distance. And then I told him: weak L-U-L. You shouldn’t say that, but I mean that. I‘m not taking it back.โ€
De Jong understands that Van der Eijk then sent him away. โ€œThat red card is also justified, because I’
m not allowed to say that. But I think, again, that guys like Nijhuis won‘t go to the side of this in the big games.โ€ Only then does the Cambuur coach hear that Nijhuis was the VAR in Waalwijk. โ€œNo… Bas isn’t VAR?! That‘s really not possible! I can’t believe it Then I wonder how this goes on Sunday. If someone farts, they have to go to the side for a moment. Did he need attention?โ€
De Jong admits that he is stunned. โ€œYes, I‘m really surprised about that. I never expected Bas Nijhuis to sit there. Well, then it’s a penalty,โ€ says the cynical practice master, who, in addition to Hoedemakers, also finds the red card for Alex Bangura. By the way, Nijhuis will be the leader during AZ – Ajax on Sunday.

Cambuur trainer Henk de Jong was furious at Sander van der Eijk after the penalty moment ๐Ÿคฌ โ€œSlack L-U-Lโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) September 17, 2022