De Jonge: absurd that GGDs are threatened for vaccination stamp

Demissionary Minister De Jonge of Health responded to the message that GGD employees are regularly threatened by vaccinated people who want a stamp in their yellow booklet.

The Cceit reported today that such threats occur dozens of times a day. โ€œThis absurdโ€, De Jonge tweighs. โ€œJust do normal! The GGD is working with man and power to get us out of the crisis. A deep bow, that‘s in place.โ€

Proof of vaccination

In particular, people who have been vaccinated in the hospital or at the GP and have not received a stamp in their yellow vaccination booklet. Such a stamp does not have an official status, but in a number of European countries it is accepted as a certificate of vaccination in practice.

Since the beginning of this week, people who have previously been vaccinated by the GGD against the coronavirus may also receive a note, stamp or sticker in the yellow booklet. Individuals must follow the instructions provided by the GGD so that they do not delay the vaccination street.


In practice, people underestimate what’s going on when making such a mark. โ€œSome come to a vaccination location with their camper or caravan and expect a stamp or sticker right away,โ€ a GGD spokesperson says to the ANP.

In this way, disappointments and threats can arise. The GGD claims to report immediately after any serious incident.

EU Travel Certificate

As of 1 July, a certificate for travel between Member States will be valid in the European Union. The Digital Corona Certificate allows people to demonstrate that they have been vaccinated, tested, or recovered from covid-19 and have developed antibodies against them.

The Dutch Coronacheck app is intended to be used abroad as of July 1. But demissionary minister De Jonge made a blow yesterday.

โ€œWe strive for as much harmonization as possible, but I do not rule out that we will eventually have to make agreements bilaterally with some EU countries,โ€ De Jonge said.