De Jonge: after corona infection, one prick is sufficient

People who have had a corona infection do not need to get a second shot. Demissionary minister De Jonge follows an opinion on this from the Outbreak Management Team. Until now, only people who had corona no more than six months ago can suffice with one shot.

But according to a new study, even with previous infections, one vaccination provides sufficient protection, because a covide infection โ€œbroadly stimulatesโ€ the immune system.

The new rule goes into effect immediately. De Jonge emphasizes that this can care a lot in the number of vaccinations. โ€œThat means that a lot fewer second pricks need to be done.โ€

Don‘t just stay away

People who have had corona and already had an appointment for a second shot can cancel it. โ€œBut you should not just stay away: you must do so via the GGD or the GP, because then they will register you as fully vaccinatedโ€, says the minister. If you want to get a second shot, you can. โ€œIt’s a free choice, even if you could have a little more side effects.โ€

De Jonge makes an exception to the new rule for two groups: over eighty people and people with a weak immune system because of an underlying disease are advised to get vaccinated twice, even after a previous corona infection.