De Jonge: corona pass still needed for a while

Minister De Jonge assumes that the corona pass will not be abolished in the first week of November. โ€œI think we need those tickets a little longer,โ€ he says.

On 5 November, the government will present a press conference on the possible removal of the corona measures that are still in force, but this will be the closing time in the hospitality industry, for example.

In the talk show Op1, De Jonge said last night that the cabinet will first look at measures that are โ€œactually economically obstructiveโ€. This also involves the maximum capacity of 75 percent for certain events. At least its not about the corona access ticket.

โ€œThat corona pass is annoying at most,โ€ De Jonge said. But he sees the benefits of for now. โ€œIf you want vaccinated and unvaccinated people to get back together in groups, make sure you do it safely and thats with that corona pass. So we cant get rid of that already.โ€

The Outbreak Management Team (OMT) believes that no measures should be eased at this time. Yesterday it was found that the number of corona infections has risen by 48 percent over the past week.