De Jonge: corona travel pass will expire without booster from 1 February

From 1 February, the international vaccination certificate will only be valid if someone has had a booster shot on time. Those who have not achieved a third shot (or for people who received the Janssen vaccine not a second shot) nine months after their last vaccination, will no longer receive a QR code based on vaccination. According to outgoing minister De Jonge, he and his European colleagues agreed on this today in Brussels. Next week, the knot will be formally chopped.

By the way, it is also possible to get an international QR code based on a negative test or a recovery certificate.

The European Commission wanted to introduce the new travel rules as early as 10 January. Now that this is most likely to be 1 February, Member States will therefore have three weeks longer to put booster shots. The Netherlands is among the countries that are most lagging behind with the boosters.

According to De Jonge, the digital corona certificate (dcc) is โ€œa good way to keep borders openโ€ and that is why it is important that the countries align the validity for boosters.

According to a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health Care, the Netherlands is hard for people who, for example, have only obtained a booster shot after ten months, can still get a QR to travel with again. Whether that actually happens, will have to be evidenced by the final decision next week.

Out together, home together

Several EU Member States have already indicated that they want to tighten the rules for entrulers on their own. So Portugal is asking everyone for a test again. De Jonge called that โ€œnot wise. Out together, at home together is very important.โ€

The minister, in his own words, does not receive criticism from his colleagues about the slow booster pace in the Netherlands. โ€œWe also accelerated,โ€ he said.

For the time being, De Jonge is in favour of obliging everyone, including those who travel from outside the EU to Europe, to take a PCR test. He has proposed that to his counterparts, but there is no agreement on that yet.