De Jonge does not vote for CDA leader Hoekstra

Demissionary CDA minister Hugo de Jonge is not going to vote for the leader of his party, Wopke Hoekstra. In the RTL programme Jinek, De Jonge says tonight that his vote will go to Bart van den Brink, his political advisor who is at number 22.

According to De Jonge, there is no quarrel between him and Hoekstra. โ€œOn the contrary.โ€ However, he thinks that Van den Brink deserves to enter the Chamber. โ€œEveryone would do that. That‘s why I’m voting for Bart, a great guy.โ€ In the last Polling Guide, the CDA stands at 17 to 21 seats.

De Jonge was initially the leader of the CDA himself, after having won the internal elections last year by MP Pieter Omtzigt. But later he withdrew because he could not combine the leadership of his party with the work as Minister of Health during the coronapandemic.

At the same time, not everyone was happy with the party leadership of De Jonge. Within the party there was a lot of criticism, whether anonymous or not. In the end, Hoekstra took over, at the insistence of the party summit.

Lubbers and Brinkman

The situation is reminiscent of 1994, when CDA Prime Minister Ruud Lubbers announced that he would not vote for his successor Elco Brinkman, but for number 3 Ernst Hirsch Ballin. That exposed a leadership crisis in the party. The CDA suffered a historic loss of seats.

But according to De Jonge, there is no question here. โ€œI can only cast one vote, so that will be Bart van den Brink.โ€