De Jonge examines teachers and care as a priority in coronavirus test

Minister De Jonge (Public Health) wants to see whether it is possible to give teachers and healthcare personnel priority in a coronavirus test. He says he understands the wish of the coalition and the opposition in the House of Representatives. He will discuss it with the Municipal Health Centres (GGDs), which are still struggling with a shortage of material.

Before the start of the Council of Ministers, De Jonge pointed out that classes in education are at risk of being sent home. Teachers who have a cold now have to wait days at home for a test and for the results. This also has consequences for the parents, who cannot go to work, De Jonge said.

Scarcity of test material

But the minister said it’s not easy to prioritise people with vital professions. “I can’t say it’s just solvable,” he warned. “If you give priority to certain groups, others have to wait longer. So this requires a good discussion with the GGD about whether we can sort this out.”

The GGD’s can barely handle the demand for testing at the moment. Many people can’t make an appointment within 48 hours. “We see that it squeaks and creaks,” said De Jonge. “We must first make sure that we solve the scarcity of test material.”

Until now, the cabinet did not want to distinguish between different professional groups when testing.