De Jonge: for the time being not vaccinated with Janssen vaccine

The 80,000 doses of the Janssen vaccine that the Netherlands already has, will remain on the shelf for the time being. Minister De Jonge van Health wants to wait to prick until more is known about the research that the European Medicine Agency (EMA) is doing on the safety of the drug.

The American developer of the vaccine has asked the Netherlands, like other EU countries, not to use the supplied vaccines for the time being. Tomorrow we would start to vaccinate care staff and clients in the GGZ with Janssen.

The EEA announced today that the results of the study are expected next week. Until then, the vaccine can be used simply, because the benefits outweigh the disadvantages, according to the drug authority.

Safety is paramount

But De Jonge now listens to the manufacturer, who asks to leave the stock on the shelf for the time being. โ€œThat‘s very sensible, safety comes first,โ€ says De Jonge. He believes that this is also important for the willingness to vaccinate among citizens.

Part of the Janssen vaccines would be used from tomorrow to prick accelerated care personnel who come into contact with coronapatics on a daily basis. โ€œVery annoyingโ€, says De Jonge, โ€œbut we should not panic immediately. We just have to wait a week.โ€

In the US, unusual blood clots in combination with reduced platelet counts have been observed in some people after using Janssen. That is why Janssen decided yesterday to suspend the supply of vaccines to European countries.

In total, the Netherlands ordered 11.3 million doses of the Janssen vaccine.


De Jonge has great hopes that the study of the EMA shows that the Janssen vaccine can simply be widely used. If the vaccine goes away completely, it would mean a delay in vaccination planning of six weeks, he calculated.

According to the Minister, the report from Pfizer has not yet been taken into account in this calculation, which today reported that two million doses of their vaccine will be delivered to our country earlier than thought. De Jonge: โ€œOf course, that’s fantasticโ€.

Look here how De Jonge explains the temporary stop: