De Jonge: much more (German) test capacity in the coming weeks

Thousands more coronavirus tests can be carried out every day in the coming period because laboratory capacity is purchased in Germany. At present, according to the Ministry of Health, the capacity is 30,000 per day. This week some 25,000 people reported to the GGD every day for a test. The week before that there were 20,000

“In some regions the growth was greater than expected”, writes Minister De Jonge of Public Health to the Lower House. According to him, this is partly due to the development of the virus and people’s awareness of the importance of testing. “In addition, the return of people from holiday countries seems to have led to extra demand.”


per week

De Jonge writes that the RIVM has calculated that in the worst case, 37,500 tests will be needed every day next month, 55,000 in November, 70,000 a month later and 85,000 in February. These are estimates based on the number of people with respiratory complaints.

Bus or container

The Younger also wants to expand the purchasing capacity, he writes. But only when the lab capacity is in order can we look at, for example, extending the opening hours of the test street at Schiphol. The Chamber had asked for longer opening hours now that code orange applies to an increasing number of holiday areas.

The GGDs are setting up winter-proof test sites and mobile test sites, for example in a bus or container. The possibility of a pick-up and drop-off service for vulnerable people is also being investigated.

According to the minister, it often fails to reach people to pass on the results. Also, some laboratories do not pass on their results fast enough.