De Jonge: new figures vaccination may not be correct

The vaccination rates that were suddenly much higher by means of a ‘new calculation method’ may not be correct. Dismissionary Health Minister Hugo de Jonge will investigate the figures and ‘fix possible errors’.

There is great uncertainty about the number of vaccinations currently being carried out. Sunday evening, 120,000 shots were added because a ‘new calculation method’ took into account underreporting from hospitals and long-term care’. But those scratching themselves on the back of the head when reading such numbers. โ€œApert incorrectโ€, called the LNAZ (National Network Acute Care) a possible underreport. As a result, Minister de Jonge has been questioned and is going to dive into the figures again with the hospitals. There may also be a ‘fix of the errors’. The House of Representatives sighs for the ‘magic with numbers’

By using a arithmetic assumption on Sunday not only 226,298 people had coronaprik, but 346,790. A difference of no less than 120,000 people. The figures on the number of corona vaccinations come from three locations: the GGDs, the hospitals and long-term care. Daily figures come from the GGD โ€” where in the coming period most Dutch people will get a shot โ€” current figures.

But from long-term care and from hospitals, according to the Ministry of VWS, there would be ‘underreport’. โ€œThe vaccination figures published on this dashboard until 30 January 2021 were often incomplete in practiceโ€, was suddenly read on the coronadash board of Hugo de Jonge on Sunday evening. โ€œHospitals and long-term care institutions often reported the number of pricks only later, resulting in underreporting. In order to arrive at the best possible estimate of the number of pricks taken, this will be temporarily overcome by an arithmetic assumption from 31 January 2021.โ€

That fell wrong with the care. โ€œThe hospitals are also told that there would be underreporting,โ€ explains Mariรซl Croon of the LNAZ (National Network Acute Care). โ€œBut this is just not right. Since 6 January, the LNAZ has reported daily the number of vaccinations initiated. On its own website, but also in the media and therefore also in the ministry.โ€ Because the hospital also vaccinates general practitioners, the LNAZ has also kept and reported these figures, explains Croon. โ€œAnd also those numbers have been reported to the VWS dashboard.โ€

De Jonge: could

Minister De Jonge now says that he with the hospitals ‘is going to figury’ what is going on with the numbers. โ€œI know the LNAZ as a very decent club. If they say something‘s wrong, it could just be so. If it is wrong and there is a double counting, we will of course adjust that in the current figures on the corona dashboard.โ€

Nevertheless, the CDA board is still behind the new calculation method. โ€œWe saw that the figures were lagging behind what is actually being pricked. It takes a while for a shot to be recorded. We know how many vaccines are coming in. We know how many are being driven out. We know that these will be put in a few days. In this way, you will achieve a better calculation of the figures.โ€

Minister Hugo de Jonge lacks the confidence to bring the coronacrisis to a successful conclusion. That says political commentator Wouter de Winther in a new podcast ‘Afhameren‘:


Still, the sudden increase of 120,000 vaccinations is also looked at with suspicion from the long-term care. โ€œIt is on the high side, even if there is indeed underreporting somewhere,โ€ says a spokesman for the elderly care organisation Actiz. โ€œOlder care is about 120,000 residents living in a nursing home and more than 269,000 employees,โ€ he explains.

โ€œ The employees are registered by the GGDs and the vaccinations of the residents go through the elderly medicine specialists who pass on this. We’re talking about 2350 locations, so there may be some delay in that. But over 120,000 is a lot.โ€

‘No explanation for her’

Also Johan van Ruijven of Vereniging Handislatenzorg Nederland is curious where the high underreporting would come from. โ€œWe started a pilot with ten providers a few weeks ago. But we have been vaccinating more clients in the WLZ (Long Care Act, red.) for some time now. We understand that the figure is rapidly rising. But such a high level of underreporting: we have no explanation for that.โ€

And that

underreporting doesn‘t come from the hospitals, Mariel Croon knows for sure. โ€œWe put huge effort into getting those numbers right,โ€ she explains. โ€œThat’s not going to happen, for that peopleto work. But it‘s important to do that right. Therefore, the Ministry cannot say this, because it is not right.โ€

Although data analyst Yorick Bleijenberg thinks that the estimated numbers will not be very far from reality, ‘you know what has come in and what has been delivered to the people who vaccinate‘, he gets a strange feeling about it. โ€œThe idea arises that because De Jonge wants to see a large number (because promised) the RIVM is now guessing how high the number of pricks is, rather than putting the systems in order.โ€

Because due to the adjustment, we are suddenly close to the target of 212,000 vaccinations in a week, which the ministry proudly announced earlier. Last week the total amounted to around 150,000. โ€œIt makes no sense that the vision we now have depends partly on ‘an arithmetic assumption, ‘says Bleijenberg. โ€œBecause it’s not like we didn‘t see the vaccination campaign coming.โ€


The House of Representatives now becomes’ despondent ‘of all the ‘magic with numbers‘, says PvDA parliamentarian Attje Kuiken. โ€œThere needs to be pricked urgently, but the fiddling with numbers makes downright cynical. That undermines people’s trust.โ€

‘ Typical ‘, PVV MP Fleur Agema considers the course of events. โ€œIt happens all the time that Minister De Jonge reflects things better than the ones. The Netherlands is lagging behind the rest of Europe, but what is the point of hiding it?โ€

Her political boss Geert Wilders makes only one joke about it: โ€œOn closer inspection, the PVV does not have 20 seats, but 76 seats. Other calculation method. ‘ But in fact, it’s too sad for words, says Wilders. โ€œDumb of the highest order. They also do better counting in Bulgaria.โ€ According to the PVV leader, only one conclusion can be drawn from this: โ€œPrime Minister Rutte and Minister de Jonge: get out!โ€

The Young is aware of no evil. โ€œWe saw that the figure on the daily pricks was no longer current. What we do is make sure the figure is up to date.โ€