De Jonge: no corona pass on the terrace, but in front of the indoor toilet

People sitting on a terrace will have to show their corona access ticket from next weekend if they want to enter the bathroom. Thats what demissionary minister De Jonge says. According to him, that is the consequence of the Houses wish not to make the corona pass mandatory for terrace visitors.

A majority of the House agreed last week to introduce the corona pass in the hospitality industry, among others. Vaccinated and negatively tested people can enter places where the meter and a half do not apply.

But the Chamber forced an exception to terraces. The Chamber is convinced that the outdoor coronavirus is much less spreading and fears problems with reducing public support for the corona measures.

Dixi next to the tables

The cabinet immediately announced that it was not a supporter. Prime Minister Rutte called it unwise not to apply the corona access ticket on the terrace. According to the Prime Minister, terrace guests should go in for the toilet or checkout anyway. โ€œIt can also rain and then everyone goes in,โ€ he said in the debate.

The practical effect was not covered at that time, but now it did. โ€œIf you want to go to the toilet, you still have to show the QR code,โ€ said De Jonge. Thats awkward, the minister acknowledged, but โ€œthe Chamber is in charge, we follow that considerationโ€. De Jonge did offer a solution for hospitality entrepreneurs: โ€œYou can put a dixi next to the terrace tablesโ€.

The mandatory corona entry ticket will enter the hospitality industry, events, festivals, concerts and professional sports events next Saturday. It is also required when visiting art and culture institutions such as cinemas and theatres. There is no need for the corona pass at a takeaway.