De Jonge: only relax when the peak has been

If the peak in the coronac figures has not been, then there can not be eased. That repeated the demissionary minister De Jonge after consultation on the Turentje. โ€œWe need to be sure we‘re over it before we can take another step.โ€ The Young said to hope that will happen next week.

Yesterday, after the Cachute talks, it was announced that tomorrow the demissionary cabinet will not announce any easing of the corona measures on 21 April, but possibly by 28 April at the press conference. A few days earlier, it was leaked that the cabinet wanted to remove the curfew on 21 April and open the terraces and shops.

โ€œ I can imagine the confusion, but I have never brought that date out myself,โ€ said De Jonge today. The minister received warnings at the end of last week to be cautious, including out of care. โ€œThey said beware.โ€

Last Wednesday, when it leaked out that the cabinet wanted to make ease on 21 April, De Jonge said in HetCCEit Journaal: โ€œWe see that the wave seems a bit lower than we initially thought. This could have to do with a combination of vaccinations and accumulated immunity in people who have been infected. Let us hope that this is the case and keep an eye on the figures very closely in the coming week. The cabinet always looks at what is possible, but we are not going to do careless things.โ€

Light on the horizon

According to Minister Grapperhaus, who attended yesterday’s meeting with De Jonge, the figures seemed to look better at first. โ€œA week ago, the RIVM gave a slightly light-to-horizon-like report, but the figures turned out to be disappointed.โ€ The demissionary Minister of Justice sketched a picture of ICs that are starting to get full, partly due to the breakdown of healthcare workers.

Grapperhaus also responded to the call of mayors to allow more outside. โ€œThe situation is epidemiological that we can do it responsibly.โ€ Yesterday, the mayors of the four major cities reacted disappointed to the news that nothing changes on April 21. This afternoon, the mayors are meeting with the Minister in the Security Council.

Tomorrow, Prime Minister Rutte and Minister De Jonge will give a press conference in which they will present a roadmap with the order of the intended eases. In addition to curfew, terraces and shops, these include the opening of colleges and universities, the after-school reception and the further opening of secondary and secondary education.

Look here what the demissionary ministers De Jonge and Grapperhaus said after the meeting: