De Jonge: priority but just needed, more capacity at the beginning of October

Minister of Public Health De Jonge thinks that educational staff and health care workers can be given priority for about two weeks when taking a corona test. At the end of next week, the priority rule can enter into force, which is emphatically short-lived. I sincerely hope that everyone can be tested again at the beginning of October, says the Minister. This exception rule is really for a small group

Minister De Jonge has waited a long time before giving priority to certain professional groups, because he believes that in principle everyone should be able to be tested. Because of the increasing waiting times, the Minister now opts for a priority policy for only teachers and care workers who have an essential function, so not for everyone. The GGD is going to work out the plans more concretely in the coming week. Hospitals may have fast lanes for care workers.

In a letter to the House of Representatives on the details of the priority policy, the Minister says that the following groups have been chosen:

The Ministry of Health is in the process of concluding new contracts with laboratories to increase testing capacity. De Jonge hopes to have increased the capacity by the end of September from almost 37,000 tests per day to 50,000 tests per day.

He will also look into the possibility of temporarily not having a certain group tested. De Jonge does not want to say which groups he thinks of and asks the Outbreak Management Team (OMT) for advice.

Teststraat Schiphol closed

The corona test street at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol for returning passengers from high-risk areas will be temporarily closed tomorrow. The test, which started in mid-August, will now be evaluated, and it will then be decided how to proceed with the testing of incoming passengers.

In a reaction, Schiphol states that it understands that the Cabinet has chosen to deploy the scarce testing capacity where it is most needed. However, the airport does hope that more test capacity will become available in the short term.


Due to capacity problems, De Jonge is also adapting the guidelines for the CoronaMelder app. Now it is the case that someone who receives a report that he or she has been in contact with an infected person is advised to get tested. That advice lapses. The new advice is that only people who actually have complaints should be tested.

The CoronaMelder is still in the pilot phase and is being tested in five regions.