De Jonge: seven months after last vaccination booster prick for those who want

Anyone who wants to have a booster shot can get it in the seventh month after the last vaccination. Thats what Minister De Jonge says about the catch-up he wants to make in the booster campaign.

Before the turn of the year, all over 60s and employees in healthcare will receive their booster shot. Starting in January, people under 60 will be their turn. “That goes from old to young,” announces De Jonge.

The GGD is already scaling up for this and that will continue in the coming weeks. “There are seventy puncture locations now, at least twenty are added.”

Need more employees

It takes a lot of extra people to put the shots and they are already reporting to the GGD. But more are needed, says De Jonge. “People who want to help can sign up,” says the minister. There are already plenty of people in some regions, but in others there are still shortages.

By the end of this week, 700,000 people must have had their booster vaccination. The aim is that the counter is 3 million at the end of this month.