De Jonge: society reopen, but its not without coronapas

In a little two weeks- from September 25th- we dont have to keep one and a half meters away. Tomorrow, at a press conference, the cabinet will explain the conditions under which this can be done and what further relaxation is coming.

Demissionary minister De Jonge said today after Turrets consultations with the ministers involved in corona that he noticed that people are craving relaxation, and that โ€œthe rack is out with manyโ€. But so does healthcare, he said, and thats why the easing needs to be done in a โ€œresponsible wayโ€.

According to the initiators in The Hague, the way the cabinet envisages means that a corona access ticket will have to be shown in more places. For example, in the hospitality industry, cinema and theatre.

โ€œWere at a difficult pointโ€

Demissionary Minister De Jonge says it several times: he cannot anticipate details and the precise elaboration of the plans that the cabinet will present and explain tomorrow. But on persistent questions from journalists who gathered after the Turrets Consultation, he would like to explain why he believes that corona tickets are important.

According to De Jonge, we are now at a โ€œdifficult pointโ€. On the one hand, after a year and a half, people do not keep up with all restrictions. On the other hand, there is the ongoing pressure on care. โ€œNine out of ten people admitted to a hospital with corona are not vaccinated,โ€ says De Jonge.

Corona access certificates, according to him, can play an important role in reducing the contamination. It may also urge people to get vaccinated, he adds. In his opinion, there is no coercion. The question is how parties in The Chamber look at that. Earlier, the Chamber adopted a motion by Denk speaking out against vaccination coercion in public areas.

See how the demissionary minister of health explains:

Yesterday, ministers involved talked about the easing during a Catshuis meeting with the OMT for hours.


Hague sources then confirmed that the face mask duty remains in force in the public transport.

The opening hours for the night care industry, such as cafes, discotheques and fast food business, are not eased. Between 24.00 and 6am, the hospitality industry will remain closed. However, more people are allowed to enter because the one-and-a-half meter rule disappears: up to 75 percent of the maximum number of guests.

We will be discussing how the event sector and festivals can be enlarged.