De Jonge wants research on fibromyalgia disease

Minister De Jonge is going to ask the Health Council to investigate fibromyalgia. He does so in response to a citizens‘ initiative by Natalie Kramer, who has the chronic illness. She collected more than 56,000 signatures and was allowed to tell her story in the House of Representatives today.

Kramer, who has tried to get fibromyalgia on the Parliamentary Agenda since 2013, wants recognition for the disease, the cause of which is not yet known and for which treatment is not yet in existence. She runs into an โ€œsuspicious attitudeโ€ by the UWV benefit agency, among others.

De Jonge will ask the Health Council if it can conduct rapid research on the disease, which is associated with chronic pain in connective tissue and muscles, stiffness and fatigue. For example, if the council is unable to do so, it will turn to the NIGZ Health Institute. โ€œBecause you don’t want answers to your questions by 2024.โ€