De Jonge works on freedom of choice for Janssen vaccine

Demissionary Minister De Jonge wants people who want the Janssen vaccine, who want to offer freedom of choice. In the House of Representatives, he said that he wants to clarify this this week. Janssen has the advantage that it only takes one shot, but has been removed from the vaccination programme on the advice of the Health Council.

Several parties in the House of Representatives believe that people who want to, for example, because they want to get fully vaccinated on holiday quickly, should be able to get Janssen. โ€œI would like to offer that opportunityโ€, said De Jonge. According to him, Janssen is a safe and effective vaccine, although Pfizer/Biontech and Moderna are just a little safer and more effective according to the Health Council.


This is a limited number of vaccines, which are not necessary for the groups that had already been agreed to be vaccinated with Janssen, such as seafarers, homeless people and military on mission.

De Jonge expects that there will be a surplus of Janssen no earlier than in two weeks. This can then be used for people who want it themselves. However, it remains to be determined exactly how it should work. โ€œThere is a lot to do, you should not underestimate that,โ€ said the minister.

For example, according to him, explicit consent is needed from the person receiving the shot, because Janssen is no longer part of the vaccination programme.