De Lie ‘drops for Lautaro test’, but achieves enough: ‘Only for the Greats’

Matthijs de Ligt has been out for a while after a positive corontest, but after one short break, one cup duel with Serie B-club SPAL and one spare time was back to the jail. The central defender played with Juventus de Derby dItalia against Internazionale, in the semifinals of the Coppa Italia. La Vecchia Signora won 1-2 in Milan, but the Italian media were moderately satisfied: an average of 6.25, with both positive notes and constructive criticism.

The final score was already on the signs after half an hour: Cristiano Ronaldo made the 1-1 and the 1-2 after Lautaro Martรญnez had made the opening hit, after a won duel with De Ligt. Il Messaggero gave the defender from Abcoude a 5,5 and summarized his game briefly. โ€œToo many mistakes. Were not used to that from him.โ€
Corriere della Sera also frowned his eyebrows and handed out a 6. In the opening phase at immediately dropped before his Lautaro test, the medium established. It is clear that he is not yet at his top, with his COVID contamination still fresh in memory. But in the final phase of the race he gave strong signals again.
Calciomercato also gave De Ligt a 6: the medium mainly had an eye for its role in the 1-0 of Martรญnez. โ€œHe started badly and lost sight of Lautaro, leading to the Nerazzurri. After that, he grew in the match, although he certainly did not play flawless: thats how De Lit put his teammate Rodrigo Bentancur in unnecessary trouble.

We are building up slowly: the first in a series of two 6.5s comes from TuttomercatoWeb. The medium thought that De Lit regrabbed himself excellently after the early setback. Football is sometimes millimeter work: De Ligt gave Martรญnez a little too much space and was seen. However, the rest of the game was a completely different story: setting yourself up after a mistake, its only given the greatest.
Calcio Today also gave a 6,5 to De Lijt and was also very pleased about the Orange-International. His season began with the necessary problems and interruptions (a shoulder surgery and a corona infection, red.). But De Lit is starting to get into its rhythm and seems to gain more and more confidence. Especially in the second half he was at the class, when Inter started to pressure the guests more and more.
JuventusNews24 finally came up with the highest listing: the fan site thought the performance of De Ligt was worth a 7. At the goal of Lautaro he came just too late, but it wasnt easy for him either. In the remaining eighty minutes he was solid as ever. In addition, he also actively defended ahead and played a big role in pressure.

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