De Ligt honors Raiola with emotional message: Im not ready for this

Matthijs de Ligt responded to the death of Mino Raiola in an emotional statement. The Italian-Dutch agent died Saturday and also represented the interests of the Abcoude stopper.
The news caused a lot of emotions for players who were in his stable and De Ligt is also having a very difficult time with the news. โ€œDear Mino, I‘m actually not ready to write this and I think I’ll never be. It is still far too early for us as players and for your family, but especially for you. You still had so many dreams you wanted to live and so many things you wanted to do. I always thought you were crazy when you told me about the things you planned, but in the end it always came true.โ€
The defender, who was brought by Raiola from Ajax to Juventus, learned a lot from his agent. โ€œYou knew how the world works. Nothing is impossible and you have shown that to the whole world. When I first met you, I knew you were special. Very different than I am, but we shared a desire to do our job as well as possible and get the most out of life as possible. You fought for your players, along with your team, and that‘s why you were loved by them all. You always said it: it’s my sons, my family.โ€
De Ligt then makes a promise to Raiola. โ€œNow we have to turn the tables: you did everything for us and now we have to do everything for the people you loved: your family. I promise you that we, as your โ€œsons, โ€œtogether will make sure that your family will be okay. Mino, I‘m going to miss you so much. You said you’d be the bad guy for me to everyone, but ended up being just my best friend.โ€
โ€œYou were always there for me, but I was also always able to talk to you about life in general. You knew so much about life that I‘m mad at myself that I didn’t ask you again. I‘m sure one day I’ll be able to ask you anything again and cuddle you again, but now I miss you more than anyone can imagine. I love you.โ€

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