De Lit understands doubts about Orange experiment: ‘For me, this is a tip’

Matthijs de Lit understands that doubts have arisen about the 5-3-2 system used by the Netherlands against Scotland. He had to switch. The Lies himself is used to 4-3-3.
โ€œBeyond the two goals, we gave away two chances. Maybe that‘s too much against a team like Scotland, but we haven’t gotten into much trouble. We had a hard time getting pressure on the ball, so I think we need to analyze what we need to do better,โ€ says De Lit to the CCEit after the 2-2 against Scotland.
The doubt about the system that national coach Frank de Boer wants to play is greater than ever. The Netherlands has grown up in 4-3-3, but now tries to throw high eyes with 5-3-2. Against Scotland this failed. De Lit understands the doubts. โ€œThat is a legitimate thought. That‘s why we try to train on two systems. We played seventy minutes in 5-3-2 and then 4-3-3, says De Lis. โ€œThen you take extra risk, we got better into our game. It makes sense that we created opportunities, but that was also the stage of the competition.โ€
โ€œThe trainer also looks at what feels most comfortable for the players and involves us. Some players play 5-3-2 at their club, some do not. You have to make the balance based on the player’
s material and the opponent,โ€ says De Lit. โ€œI‘m used to 4-3-3 and for me this is a cover. I also rarely play on the left in the defense. So it’s an opportunity to learn and become a better player. Ultimately, you want to achieve results at the European Championships and everything has to give way.โ€
Due to a late goal of Memphis Depay, the Netherlands managed to save the honour against Scotland. โ€œOtherwise you would go home with a very annoying feeling, but now you can learn something from it. You want to get a good result right away and get the confidence. It is a pity that we did not succeed.โ€