De Mos critical of PSV: You cant keep shouting that you bought well

Aad de Mos thinks PSV is going to have a huge hard time against AS Monaco in the preliminary round of the Champions League. Like Myron Boadu, the former trainer is very pleased with trainer Philippe Clement.
โ€œPSV still lacks hardness,โ€ says De Mos after the draw in conversation with De Cceit. โ€œBoys like Hoever and Simons have played too little yet. You can‘t keep shouting that you’ve bought well. For example, the new goalkeeper already has eight in the basket.โ€
The former trainer of PSV, among others, sees that Monaco has everything right on track with his new head coach. โ€œWith a great series, AS Monaco came close to direct placement for the Champions League. This is a completely different Monaco than the team that played against PSV last season. Monaco has played. I know the trainer personally. Clement is tactically strong,โ€ says De Mos.
Boadu is looking forward to the double encounter with PSV. โ€œWe know what to expect against PSV, although of course there are new players and they have strengthened considerably,โ€ responds the Monaco striker, who expects him to ‘just’ play football in France next season. โ€œAS Monaco has every confidence in me. Yes, also the new trainer Philippe Clement.โ€