De Roon takes herself on the heel and goes viral: ‘Fun to spot a little bit’

Marten de Roon ranks as the uncrowned king of football on social media and showed up again this week. The Atalanta controller took himself on the heel in a video shot at the Atalanta Bergamo fan shop.
De Roon presented his fans with an autographed Atalanta shirt, but was waiting for nothing in the fan shop all day long. โ€œI don‘t think Messi ever has to deal with this,โ€ was his commentary on his much talked about video. โ€œI do it with a friend of mine, most of the time I’m the one who‘s behind it,โ€ he tells Rondo at Ziggo Sport on Sunday night.
With his sense of self-deprecating deroon, De Roon is an odd one in top international football. However, the 27-time Orange international does not intend to take back gas on social media. โ€œWhy not?โ€ , he asks a rhetorical question. โ€œIt’
s fun to do, fun to spot a little bit about the world of football.โ€