De Telegraaf conducts research and quotes friend van Vloet: ‘Do not be behind the wheel’

The North Holland police now know who was the driver of the car that clapped another car on the A4 last week. Heracles Almelo player Rai Vloet was also in the car and is a suspect in the case. De Cceit quotes the friend of the Heracles player, who says about himself he didnt drive that night.
On the night of Saturday to Sunday, a car with Vloet and a friend of the Heracles player collided on the A4 on another car with a husband, a wife and two children. A four-year-old boy from Zoetermeer was injured and died not much later in the hospital.
De Cceit decided to investigate and indicates that Vloet
s 27-year-old friend has said in a group app about himself that he did not ride that night and did not drink. According to the morning newspaper, that story is confirmed by multiple people in his circle.
โ€œHe went back to the club on Tuesday,โ€ says one of those people to De Cceit. โ€œJust stop by the training. In it, he once again addressed the player group and told what happened.โ€ For the time being, the lawyer van Vloet does not want to express himself about the reporting of De Cceit. โ€œIm not going to confirm anything yet,โ€ he says. The police have not made any statements as long as the investigation is underway.