De Telegraaf: PSV already has the successor to Van Nistelrooy in mind

Adil Ramzi is in the picture to become the successor to Ruud van Nistelrooy at Jong PSV. He was Van Nistelrooy‘s assistant to the Eindhoven promises team and currently has the best papers to take over the position after this season.
PSV broke the news that Van Nistelrooy will be the new head coach out Wednesday night from next season. So the club has to look for a successor for Van Nistelrooy and Ramzi is seen as the perfect candidate, reports De Cceit.
Ramzi is currently still working on a trainer course to obtain the highest degree. He hopes to have the paper in May. In that case, he could stand as head coach for the group at Jong PSV next season. Ramzi indicated earlier this season that he would like to be on his own two feet. That opportunity arises now that Van Nistelrooy starts working at PSV 1.
De Cceit states that Hedwiges Maduro is a candidate to work as Ramzi’
s assistant at Jong PSV.