De Telegraaf: Schreuder is on top of it and is the main candidate

Alfred Schreuder is top candidate to succeed Erik ten Hag at Ajax. At least, that‘s what club watcher Mike Verweij of De Cceit says. Currently, it is quiet in the Amsterdam camp about the appointment of a new trainer.
Immediately after Ten Hag’
s departure to Manchester United became world aware, the names of Club Brugge trainer Schreuder and Peter Bosz fell as successors. โ€œThe only development there is now is that it is deafeningly quiet,โ€ Verweij states in the Kick-Off Football Podcast of the morning newspaper. โ€œTime is also taken, because they still have some time. But they shouldn‘t wait too long to do it.โ€
According to the journalist, Schreuder is considered the most important person to take over Ten Hag’
s baton. โ€œSchreuder is just very good on it. That is also the main candidate,โ€ he says. โ€œBut there is also talk to others, because you have to have a broad view. Eventually, they will end up at Schreuder.โ€
Verweij receives acclaim from Valentine Driessen. โ€œThe fact that it is quiet now does not mean much either. You know that Ajax is busy and that there is a list.โ€ Driessen knows that every club has a list of potential trainers from the moment a trainer is appointed. This means that switching can be done quickly, if it does not work between both parties. โ€œSchreuder is very high on that.โ€