De Telegraaf unpacks: Vitesse may fall into the hands of Americans

There is a chance that Vitesse will soon fall into American hands. According to De Cceit, an American party has focused on the Arnhem club: it concerns businessmen Robert and Philip Platek, who also already own Spezia and Danish SønderjyskE.
The Russian Valeri Oyf, who led Vitesse since 2010, felt compelled to step back because of the war between Russia and Ukraine and decided to put Vitesse on sale. A debt of 150 million euros is still open and De Cceit does not rule out Oyf having to take his loss. “Insiders estimate Vitesse‘s value at a maximum of 20 million euros,” says the newspaper.
It is not excluded that the Americans will immediately change the course when taking over Vitesse. De Cceit writes that they are driving a management change. That could mean bad news for technical director Benjamin Schmedes, just in service, and commercial director Peter Rovers.

Brothers Robert and Philip Platek took over Italy’s Spezia in February last year. Recently, FC Twente was mentioned sideways. “In 2020, we talked about Genoa and Sampdoria and currently we have Spezia Calcio 1906 in Italy, Casa Pia in Portugal and SonderjyskE in Denmark,” Philip Platek told in Italian media. “Meanwhile, we are looking at other options FC Cartagena? Girondins de Bordeaux? FC Twente? Some are true and some are not realistic.”

NEWS US investors Robert and Philip Platek have good papers to acquire Vitesse. The New York brothers already have the Italian Spezia Calcio and Danish SønderjyskE in portfolio.
— Jeroen Kapteijns (@JeroenKapteijns) April 5, 2022