De Wit cheers before he scores: ‘Has nothing to do with Vitesse’

AZ waltzed over Vitesse at home on Sunday and had more than enough to enter the Conference League preliminaries in a humiliating 6-1 victory. Dani de Wit made the third hit of the afternoon on strike of calm and cheered before he had worked the ball over the line.
De Wit was served by Milos Kerkez after a smooth attack over the left, was able to work in the ball unhindered and took plenty of time to do so. It suddenly comes to mind, you know, he laughs in conversation with Today Inside. I didn‘t think about it or anything either. Suddenly I thought: hands in the air and he’s in it. So, of course, cheer.
When asked, De Wit does not state that his intention was to humiliate Vitesse. You might have done that in the school square in the old days, that you got down on your knees and tinted him with your head. That comes to mind and you do that, has nothing to do with Vitesse. But laugh to do that yourself.