De Wit not happy with role at AZ: ‘I expected more credit’

Dani de Wit hoped against Sparta for more credit from AZ trainer Pascal Jansen. De Wit had to start against Sparta on the bench, despite the fact that a spot had been freed up in the midfield due to the suspension of Teun Koopmeiners.
โ€œIt‘s hard for a while now,โ€ says De Wit, who raided against Sparta and scored, about his current situation at AZ at ESPN. โ€œOf course, I had hoped to start again today, but unfortunately that could not be the case. I’ve given the only correct answer, just by working hard and getting some more. So it can not be better.โ€
Despite his excellent inclination, De Wit still leaves a bitter aftertaste to his reserve. โ€œOf course, the disappointment is great. That may be said, I think. Did I count on more credit? Yeah, I think so. That‘s only up to the trainer. Now I have to do it with thirty minutes and just give it everything.โ€
De Wit has so far entered seventeen league matches in action for AZ in the current season. In the first part of the football season, when Arne Slot was still at the helm of AZ, De Wit was still a regular base plant. After an ankle injury and the appointment of Pascal Jansen as a trainer, De Wit lost his base spot.

Dani de Wit is abused by his reserve role but shows himself fighting.โ€ I think I’ll give the only correct answerโ€
โ€” ESPN NL (@ESPNnl) April 10, 2021