De Zeeuw looks back: ‘You immediately saw that Ajax was not his final station. ‘

Demy de Zeeuw looks back on his football career with great pleasure. The former midfielder, now known for BALR, Wannahaves and 433, sees Luis Suรกrez the best player he has ever played football with.

That tells De Zeeuw in the podcast EFFE RELATIVANES. โ€œNot even because he could play football very well but he had such a drive in him,โ€ De Zeeuw looks back on his period at Ajax. โ€œIf we won a match but he hadn‘t scored, he’d just be really angry. Like, I didn‘t scored today, why should I celebrate? He was so busy with goals, he just did everything for that. And still, that mentality is really very handsome.โ€
De Zeeuw played for two years together with Suรกrez, who liked to be funny at the trainings. โ€œHe was really crazy, he was having fun all the timeโ€, laughs De Zeeuw. โ€œAnd when the game started, the button went over and it was scoring and winning.โ€
That Suรกrez would go far, De Zeeuw soon knew for sure. โ€œYou immediately saw that Ajax was not his terminal station. Sometimes it seems messy but that’
s just really his thing: turn around and get to the target as fast as possible. He really scored everything. On training, too. If we played four against four in training and you were in one team with Suรกrez, you‘d know: we’re going to win today. He could make us champion on his own.โ€