Dead after heavy truck accident on N9 near Bergen

In the event of a collision between a truck and a car, a person died on Monday afternoon on the N9 near Bergen. Another road user was seriously injured.

Its not yet clear how the accident could happen. It is known, however, that the truck ended up on the wrong road and then folded onto the car. Both vehicles were then driven through the guardrail and stopped in the roadside.

In that incident, an occupant of the car died. Josรฉ van Dijk, spokesperson for the police Noord-Holland, can not say anything to Noordhollands Dagblad about the identity of the deceased person. , โ€œWe must first inform the family.โ€ The other occupant of the car was seriously injured in the collision. That person has been admitted to the hospital.

Driver survives blow

The truck driver makes it physically well to circumstances. , โ€œHe was treated by ambulance personnel, but did not have to be taken to a hospitalโ€, says Van Dijk.

The damage caused by the accident is enormous and the emergency services are present in abundance. The road between Alkmaar and Schoorl will probably be closed for hours.