Dead and injured in serious accident A6 Friesland

A serious accident on the A6 motorway in Friesland resulted in one death and four injuries. According to the police, at least six vehicles were involved in the accident, including two lorries.

At first it was thought that one of the trucks was carrying potentially dangerous substances, but according to the police this turned out not to be the case. A truck burned out completely. A lot of smoke was released.

What exactly happened isn’t clear yet. “It remains difficult, the colleagues from the traffic accident analysis are investigating,” says a spokesman of the police against Omrop Fryslรขn. “It seems that a number of vehicles, driving in a row, drove on top of each other.”

The A6 between Joure and Sint Nicolaasga is closed in both directions because of the accident. ANWB reports that the road will be closed until at least 21.00 hours.