Dead and seven injured in knife attacks Birmingham, perpetrator without a trace

Several people were stabbed last night in the English city of Birmingham. One man died of his injuries, reported the police just after noon. Seven people were injured, two of them seriously. The perpetrator is without a trace.

The emergency services received several reports of stabbing incidents between 00.30 and 2.20 a.m. in the city centre. According to the police, they seem to be connected.

It was supposed to be a random attack on people. The incidents don’t seem to be “hate related” to the police. There’s also no evidence of gang violence.

There were reports that shots had also been fired, but the police say that this does not seem to be the case. All the victims were injured by a stabbing attack.


Police have cordoned off roads to investigate and are calling on everyone to stay calm but alert. People are asked to stay away from the area. The police advise people to distance themselves from strangers who get too close. Despite this, Birmingham has not been declared unsafe, the Chief Inspector stressed. There are many officers in the centre, also unrecognizable, he stressed.

Superintendent Steve Graham on the investigation:

Hearts Midland News released footage this morning of a policeman holding a man to the ground, but that arrest has nothing to do with the stabbing incidents, police say.


According to the BBC, the area that has been cordoned off is close to a neighborhood also called Gay Village, but the police said that the attacks seem to have nothing to do with it. At the time of the stabbing, many people were sitting outside on terraces.

The 18-year-old Cara Curran was working as a club promoter and says she heard a loud bang and a lot of commotion. “There were several people involved in a fight… People came walking out of bars to see what was going on.”

See parts of the interview with Cara here: