Dead and wounded by collision of dozens of cars by snowstorm in Japan

On a highway in northeast Japan, at least 130 vehicles have been involved in a collision due to a snowstorm. At least ten people were injured and one person died.

Motorists on the road in Miyagi Prefecture were raided by a large amount of snow around noon local time. At the time of the accident, wind speeds of about 100 kilometers per hour were measured, reports the Japanese news site NHK.

From above it is easy to see how many cars have become involved in the incident:

About 900 meters of vehicles collided with each other. Occessors are offered water, food and blankets, while the fire brigade and police try to redeem the vehicles.

Japan has been plagued by heavy snowfall in recent weeks. Last month, more than a thousand vehicles stranded on a highway that connects the capital Tokyo to the city of Niigata.