Dead by Daylight will host crossovers with Resident Evil and Attack on Titans

Dead by Daylight developers presented the upcoming crossovers with Resident Evil and Attack on Titans. The crossover with Resident Evil was called Project W – more about it will be discussed in the next few months. It is known that the release should take place this year.

This is not the first time that the world of Dead by Daylight has intertwined with the world of Resident Evil – Nemesis, Leon Kennedy and Jill previously appeared in the game Valentine. As for the Attack on Titan crossover, it seems that no new assassins or survivors will be added to the game, limiting itself to cosmetic kits.

Players will have access to ten skins that will change the look of existing characters. Today, Behaviour Interactive held a presentation in honor of the sixth anniversary of the Dead by Dayligh series, during which introduced a new chapter Roots of Horror and Hooked on You.

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