Dead by Daylight will talk about Bills past from Left 4 Dead

The creators of Dead by Daylight announced a new book for the Archive – the protagonist of โ€œForsakenโ€ was William Overbeck of Left 4 Dead. Most know him by the nickname Bill. The developers promise to reveal the memories of the hero, sending him to the moment โ€œwhen it all started.

โ€ Apparently, the Behaviour Interactive team will tell about the past โ€œLegend Left 4 Deadโ€ – this is hinted by a poster where the character has not yet settled. The design of the young character, however, caused bewilderment among the players – allegedly not too much he looks like himself.

โ€œArchivesโ€ is a set of challenges, for the passage of which players are awarded books – through them you can access new memories of heroes, records, synematics, emotions and currency to discover unique skins. More on CCeit How to Eat a Neighbor: Rusty Lake Hotel Giving Free First Rate Returnal โ€” 9.

3/10 Before We Leave will be released on Steam May 13.