Dead Cells author makes game about Nuclear Blaze firefighters

Sébastien “deepnight” Bénard, represented by his own studio Deepnight Games, announced his new project. The creator and lead developer of the famous Dead Cells bagel makes a unique 2D platformer about Nuclear Blaze firefighters. Players have to get to locations where devastating fires are raging explosions, destruction and other hazards.

We need to keep the flames under control, find survivors and investigate the accident by getting through the mysterious construction. Creator promises “not a bagels or metroidvany, but a tense short adventure”.

It allows us to operate according to our own rules, selecting the settings according to our needs, because by default the game is very difficult. added it for his own son.

In this version, you can‘t die, the hose doesn’t run out of water, the levels are simple, and there are trucks and helicopter all over them — simply because they are beautiful. Nuclear Blaze is based on project for a Ludum Dare game jam created in 48 hours.

You can get acquainted with him on the official website. And on Steam the game will be released on October 18.

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