Dead Cells received an animated trailer for the release of The Queen and the Sea

Today, Dead Cells received The Queen and the Sea, and in honor of this, the developers presented a new animated trailer with features of the novelty. With a fresh expansion, players will be able to complete passage in another way: in addition to the Royal Castle, the Abandoned Distillery and the Throne Room, they will have access to the Cursed Island. fighting creatures from the shadows and trying not to die under the collapses.

Then you need to climb to the top of the burning lighthouse, before the flame completely engulfs it. And there, players will face a dangerous opponent.

In addition, new weapons and costumes, a pet, as well as new enemies. More on Gambling In the Epic Games Store for a week give away for free Gods Will Fall Fresh Dying Light 2 video dedicated to the protagonists skill tree The authors of Valorant introduced a new agent – a runner from Manila named Neon.