Dead crew submarine commemorated, Indonesia goes wreck mountains

In Indonesia, the crew who died were commemorated by the crashed submarine, the wreck of which was found on Sunday. Next of kin and colleagues sprinkled flowers on the water at a ceremony at the site where the vessel disappeared last week.

The Indonesian authorities have announced that they intend to salvage the wreck of the submarine. They think the 53 deceased crew members are still in the submarine.

It is not yet known when the salvage operation will begin. Indonesia is in any case receiving help from a Chinese naval ship that can lift objects up to 1000 meters deep from the sea. The submarine is located about 800 meters deep in the Bali Sea, a few tens of kilometres north of the Indonesian island.

High water pressure

The vessel disappeared from radar last week while it was doing a drill. After an intensive search operation, wreckage of the ship and personal effects of the crew were found on Sunday.

The cause of the disaster is still unclear. The submarine may have sunk too deep due to a technical problem, after which the vessel has been broken open due to the high water pressure.