Dead in Nijmegen shooting

A shooting in a house in Nijmegen killed one person on Tuesday. Several people have been arrested. The aftermath of the 44th street shooting in the Lankforst district has attracted a lot of attention on Tuesday night until late in the evening.

Dozens of local residents were trained together in small groups behind the red and white deposition ribbons of the police. In the apartment house where the incident occurred, the police immediately arrested four people, three men and one woman. Police are taking into account that there may still be a fifth suspect. The quartet was arrested and transferred directly to the cell complex on Stieltjesstraat in Nijmegen.

Cars towed away

Meanwhile, the residential area became increasingly crowded. There is speculation in groups about circumstances, relationships, settlements, quarrels in the relational sphere. Everyone talks a word along, while police officers keep curious bystanders at bay.

Cars parked at the foot of the flat were all towed away Tuesday night. โ€œWe don‘t know if those cars belong to the suspects, victims or other flats. And maybe they will be dragged away to make room for a crane that will bring the body down from the house,โ€ a bystander thinks aloud.

Young Couple

There is no

knowledge of the identity of the fatal victim nor that of the four detainees among the local residents. โ€œI heard that a young couple recently lived in the apartment. But whether they were working, studying or doing something else, that seems completely unclear. Nobody knows anything about it. It seems as if they lived here completely incognito,โ€ says a local resident who has a direct view of the apartment building from his living room.

Police have confirmed that โ€œdespite the use of several emergency servicesโ€ someone has died and that several people have been arrested. The police have arrested the arrested people โ€œas a precautionโ€, says a spokesman. โ€œWe don’t know what their precise involvement is yet.โ€