Dead in Portland after confrontation between demonstrators and Trump supporters

In the American city of Portland a man was shot dead in the street during confrontations between Black Lives Matter demonstrators and supporters of president Trump.

Since the death of George Floyd in May, there have been many demonstrations, including by Black Lives Matter activists, in the city in the emergency west of the United States. Last night, for the third Saturday in a row, hundreds of supporters of President Trump took to the streets in pickup trucks with ‘Trump 2020’ flags. This also happened earlier in other American cities.

They gathered at a shopping mall in a suburb and drove in convoy towards the center, where demonstrators tried to stop them with blockades. Here and there confrontations arose, with people firing at demonstrators from trucks with paintball guns, who in turn threw objects. In other places there was fighting.

Extreme right-wing group

Eyewitnesses tell The New York Times that there was an argument between a group of people on the street and some people sitting in a car. Then someone opened fire. The man who was shot was wearing a cap with an emblem of an extreme right-wing group from Portland. It’s not clear whether a suspect was arrested. The police cannot say whether the shooting had anything to do with the demonstrations.

Last month, President Trump sent federal agents to the protests in several cities, including Portland. Trump called the protesters anarchists and instigators of violence. Several agencies have condemned the violent response of the police.

Trump Tuesday to Kenosha

In Kenosha there were also demonstrations against police violence. The reason is the shooting last week of Jacob Blake by police officers, who was paralysed as a result. According to the demonstrators, the policemen acted excessively. The police union says that prior to the incident Blake had held a policeman in a main clamp and was carrying a knife.

President Trump is going to Kenosha on Tuesday. A White House spokesman says Trump will visit police officers and record the damage caused by looting. U.S. media expect tensions in the city to increase as a result of the president’s visit.