Dead Space remake and nostalgia in Battlefield 2042 announced on EA Play Live

EA held a 40-minute EA Play Live conference, where it made several important announcements. And yes, the Dead Space remake is officially unveiled! But lets get in order. .

. Codemasters announced GRID Legends.

Race with a bet on opposing riders in a story campaign with live action clips. Among the locations will be Moscow and London.

Release in 2022 on PS5, PS4, Xbox Series, Xbox One and next seasons PC. trailer Apex Legends โ€” Emergence.

A new legend is the cunning Siar, who tracks down opponents and tries to take advantage of their weaknesses. Launch on August 3, and a gameplay trailer will be shown on July 26.

The fresh trailer for indie arcade Lost in Random is something of a third-person card game with a real-time fight. Out September 10.

The trailer for the second season of Knockout City. DICE announced Battlefield 2042s second mode, Battlefield Portal.

It is a very deep mode editor with content from Battlefield 1942, Bad Company 2 and Battlefield 3. There are soldiers and guns, gadgets and equipment.

The announcement of Battlefield Portal โ€” Mode Editor for BF 2042 with the content of the old PartsEA announced the reinvention of Dead Space on Frostbite for PS5, Xbox Series and PC only. The project is being created from the ground up based on new technologies, and among other things promises improvements in gameplay.

No release date is being called, but the media is hinting at an โ€œimminent release. โ€ Live.